Capitalized terms in this Privacy Statement shall have the following meanings


  1. Privacy Statement: This Privacy Statement of PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL, with registered office at 6600 BASTOGNE, Marvie, 81, registered with the ECB under number 0775505892
  1. Personal data: any data through which the Individual can directly or indirectly be identified or is identifiable.
  1. Person in charge of the treatment : Mr VAGUET Noël
  1. Individual: Either the natural person who provides one or more of his or her personal data to SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION, or the natural person who is identified by SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION in the course of its activities.
  1. Worker: the natural person working for PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL, with the aim of working for PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL.
  1. Processing manager / Subcontractor: companies and/or persons that PRO- IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL calls upon to perform certain tasks.
  1. DPA: Data Protection Authority: the national supervisory body for compliance with the laws in Belgium governing the use of personal data.


  • This Privacy Statement applies to the processing of all personal data provided in any way by the Individual to SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION or which SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION has at its disposal in the course of its activities.
  • PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL attaches the utmost importance to respecting the privacy of the Individual and his/her Personal Data. It will use the Personal Data provided to it by the Individual only for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement and will comply with the rules and laws in force regarding the protection of Personal Data, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (available at https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/FR/TXT/?uri=CELEX%3A32016R0679).


PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL disposes of Personal Data either within the framework of its activities, or when the Individual communicates his or her Personal Data to PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL or to one of its partners for the performance of its activities, or when it performs its legal or contractual duties.

The data that may be processed by PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL are: title, marital status, surname, name, telephone number, fax number, postal address, e-mail address, Crossroads Bank of Companies registration number, place of birth, date of birth, age, national register number.


  • The processing of the Data is based on :
  1. The Individual’s consent to the processing of his or her personal data for one or more

several specific purposes;

  1. The performance of a contract to which the Individual is a party or the performance of pre-contractual measures taken at the request of the latter ;
  2. Compliance with a legal obligation to which SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION is subject (accounting, social and fiscal obligations, etc.);
  • The personal data provided and held by PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL will be processed for the following purposes
  1. To be able to contact the Individual in the course of his or her activities either directly or through a subcontractor;
  2. To be able to execute and manage the contract concluded between the Individual and PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL or pre-contractual measures;
  3. To be able to manage its accounting (sending, receiving and encoding of invoices);
  4. To be able to manage the human resources of your company;
  5. To be able to manage the application of the Individual who would like to be hired under an employment contract by PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL or would like to provide services independently on behalf of PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL;
  6. To be able to respond to requests from the Individual regarding the exercise of his or her rights under the GDPR;
  7. To inform the Individual on issues that PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION Ltd. believes are important to the Individual;
  8. To communicate them to the Treatment Managers requested by PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL for the execution of certain tasks;
  9. Send periodic information to the Individual;
  10. Transmit such data to third parties, subject to the provisions of Article 5 of this Statement;
  11. Communicate them to the partners of PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL, including the integration of the Individual’s data in the database of its related companies;
  12. Reconnect with the individual periodically.


  • PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL will not communicate the Individual’s Personal Data to third parties, unless and until:
  1. This should be stated as such in the Privacy Statement;
  2. PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL is authorised and/or obliged to do so by law and/or other regulations, or is requested to do so by a public institution or any other regulatory authority (FPS Justice, FPS Finance, FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue, NSSO, Lawyers, legal representatives, Public Prosecutor’s Office, Examining Magistrate, Registry, Courts and Tribunals, police services, National Chamber of Bailiffs, Financial Information Processing Unit, etc.);
  3. This is deemed essential by PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL to protect its rights and/or property, or to prevent a crime and/or to protect the security of the State or the safety of its Candidates and Workers;
  4. This is done to verify the completeness and accuracy of the Personal Data provided.
  • In the event that the Individual’s data is communicated, whether or not through SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION, to third parties responsible for processing or to a Processing Manager, the latter will only have access to the Individual’s Personal Data if this is strictly necessary for the performance of the tasks entrusted to SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION or by SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION. SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION will not allow the Data Processor requested by it to communicate the Individual’s personal data to third parties or to use them for purposes other than those for which they were obtained. PRO-IDIOMA SRL will also take the necessary measures to ensure that all the personal data provided is adequately protected. All Data Processors will be bound by a subcontracting agreement in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • In the context of a cross-border dispute, PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL may be required to communicate Personal Data to foreign data controllers or foreign authorities, but always in compliance with European Union law and international treaties to which Belgium is a party and, where applicable, with the necessary guarantees.


PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION S.R.L. will only process the Individual’s sensitive personal data if the Individual has given his or her explicit consent to such processing or if such processing is in accordance with the law and/or regulations in force.


  • PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL will make every effort to take adequate organisational and technical measures to protect the Individual’s personal data from inappropriate processing and/or loss. All the workers of PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL

TRADUCTION will be bound by a confidentiality clause in their employment contract, in the appendix or in the work regulations of SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION. The names of these recipients may be obtained upon request by e-mail to info@proidiomatraduction.be or by post (6600 BASTOGNE, Marvie, 81), but SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION reserves the right to refuse to comply with this request for reasons of confidentiality.

  • The data processed by PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL will be kept for a period of 10 years from the end of the relationship with the Individual.

If Data is processed in the context of an activity or recruitment and no contract is subsequently concluded between the Individual and PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL, the Individual’s data will be immediately deleted.

  • Despite the security measures taken by SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION, it may happen that third parties manage to circumvent these measures and/or use the Individual’s personal data for inappropriate purposes. SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION shall not be held responsible in any way.
  • PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL will not accept any responsibility for any damage arising from the use of personal data by third parties to whom such data have been transmitted under this Privacy Statement or with the consent of the Individual. PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION S.R.L. shall not be held responsible for the compliance of the third party(ies) with the legislation and/or regulations in force.


  • The liability of PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL for consequential damages will be excluded in any case.
  • Any liability for direct damage will be limited to a maximum amount of € 1.000,00 per event and a maximum of € 3.000,00 per calendar year.
  • PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL’s liability will not, in any case, exceed the amounts paid by its insurance in such cases.


  • The Individual may ask PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL at any time, by e-mail at info@proidiomatraduction.be or by post (6600 BASTOGNE, Marvie, 81) to indicate the data that PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL processes about him/her.
  • The Individual may also ask PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL, at any time, through the procedure provided for this purpose, to complete, correct or delete his/her data.

In case PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL refuses to comply with the request for rectification or completion, the Individual will have the right to provide a statement indicating that the data is incomplete

and indicating the additional elements to be taken into account. PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION S.R.L. will add such a declaration to its database.

  • The Individual also has the right, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation :
    1. to withdraw consent to the processing of the Data, provided that the processing is based on

on the consent of the Individual ;

  1. to the limitation of processing ;
  2. to data portability ;
  3. to oppose the processing necessary for the exercise of a mission of public interest, the legitimate interests of SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION or processing for canvassing purposes;
  4. not to be subject to a decision based on automated processing, including profiling,

producing legal effects or significantly affecting it in a similar manner.

  • PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL will respond to any request within one to three months of receiving the request, depending on its complexity. No payment will be required from the Individual. However, when the Individual’s requests are manifestly unfounded or excessive, in particular because of their repetitive nature, SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION may:
    1. Require payment of reasonable fees that reflect the administrative costs incurred in providing the information, making the communication or taking the action requested;
    2. Refuse to act on these requests.


  • In case of questions, remarks and/or complaints from the Individual regarding this Privacy Statement and the way in which SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION will process his/her data, the Individual may inform SRL PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION by e-mail at info@proidiomatraduction.be, or by post at 6600 BASTOGNE, Marvie, 81. The Individual may also notify the Data Protection Authority, 1000 BRUSSELS, Rue de la Presse n°35, Tel: 02/274.48.00, Fax: 02/274.48.35 and mail: contact@apd-gba.be.
  • PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement at any time. Any changes to the Privacy Statement will be sent by e-mail to each of the Individuals who have already received the previous version of the changes.
  • If any provision of this Privacy Statement is invalidated in whole or in part, such provision shall not apply and PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION SRL shall replace such provision with a provision of identical scope that is not invalid, voidable or unlawful in whole or in part. The other provisions of the Privacy Statement shall remain in full force and effect.
  • The French version of this GDPR is the only contractual version.