Legal translation projects can be complex and require the knowledge of an expert in the field. At PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION, you can be sure that you are dealing with a partner who has excellent linguistic skills and a thorough knowledge of the legal sphere and its concepts.

We offer 3 types of legal translation.

  • The standard (simple) translation is the transposition of the original text into a foreign language. It is usually delivered in electronic form.
  • Sworn translation : this is carried out by a translator who has taken and passed the university certificate in legal knowledge for sworn translators and interpreters, who has taken an oath and who is registered in the provisional national register of sworn translators and translator-interpreters of the FPS Justice.

By signing and/or stamping the translation, the translator indicates that the translation conforms to the original, which gives it an official character. These translations are usually provided on paper.

  • Legalised translation (official translation): In some cases, the Ministry of Justice (FPS JUSTICE in Brussels) adds a stamp and a signature to the sworn translation, in order to confirm the authenticity of the signature of the translator who has done it. This gives the sworn translation legal force. You will also often be asked to obtain an apostille from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FPS FOREIGN AFFAIRS in Brussels) where you will have to make an appointment to have your documents apostilled.

Please inquire in advance about the type of certification required. For information, click on the following links:


PRO-IDIOMA TRADUCTION translates and certifies, even legalizes (for Belgium), your :

  • civil status records (birth, death, marriage, divorce …),
  • identity documents (identity card, passport),
  • notarial deeds (wills, deeds of sale, company articles of association),
  • certificates (diploma, driving licence, work permit),
  • legal cases,
  • administrative files (adoption application, naturalization application),
  • documents to be produced in court,
  • etc…
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